Energy boost


Amazing how much a small change can impact on your energy and spirit. Change of clothes, new haircolor, good food, wellness.. give yourself a boost of something to kick start new energy. Maybe something as easy as a bouquet of fresh tulips.. or a hug from your near and dear..


The Norwegian singer Ane Brun has recorded a wonderful version of Beyonces’ song Halo accompanied only by a couple of cellos. I just love it. She performed it on TV Friday eve and it’s already become my new favorite.

On my way home now. Listening to my new favorite and having a moment before it’s time to go on. Have a great Monday! 

1st of Advent


Finally. Our house is getting decorated for Advent with all the candles in the windows and the light nets in the garden.

Time to light the first candle and open the first door in the advent calendar.  Let’s hope it brings hope and peace.

Let December begin.

Old friends


Today has been a real feel-good day. Went into town early this morning with my mom to go shopping. Then we visited my dear friend who is showing her amazing kimonos at Diamon Weekly ( in town this weekend (I can really recommend a visit) – haven’t seen her in ages so it was great to finally catch up some.

Then my mom and I enjoyed first a nice lunch and after some more shopping a nice coffee. It was so nice to spend a whole day together.

After all this – like icing on a cake – we went to see my niece in her gymnastics show – she is getting so good! All the hard work starts to pay off.

Now it is time to curle up in my corner, enjoy some quiet time and relax. Tomorrow we light the first candle.



“Fika” means coffee break – with or without something to go with it. Today we had an Advent 1st celebration at work and we enjoyed the first saffron buns for the season and a glass of “glögg” which is a mulled wine served warm with raisins and almonds. Let my favorite weekend begin..

Happy thanksgiving

wpid-IMG_20131128_174633.jpgThanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the US and has been so since 1863 to celebrate the harvest of the year. We don’t have this holiday in my country so we had to work today. But I wish my American friends and family a great day and to not eat too much pumpkin pie and roasted turkey. . Enjoy your holiday!



Every month I try to give myself some me-time. Massage. Maybe treat myself a nice lunch and fancy coffee. Good for the soul. Some time to reflect and a moment to breathe. Before you have to get back to the world and everyday challenges. Appreciate what you have and your near and dear ones. I’m a lucky girl.

It’s cold outside

imageTemperature is dropping slowly but surely. -7C today (19.4F). Frost on the car. No snow yet though. Decided that today is the day I will start wearing my new winter coat. Probably a good decision. Time to get out there.


imageToday when I arrived in town they  had turned on all the Christmas decorations on the streets. It was pretty special. On Sunday it is the first of Advent. My favorite weekend. Can’t wait!