Finally the day we have been preparing for has come. Filip and his cousin Karin went through their confirmation.

imageAnd the weather-Gods were kind – it was a lovely day! Quite warm in the Huddinge Kyrka – but clear blue sky and a light breeze so the tent didn’t leave the backyard (lol).

There were 14 teenagers in their group so the church imagewas so crowded not a single person more would have been able to fit in. It was a service filled with music and joy – and it was a nice moment for all of us.

After church we invited the closest family and friends over for lunch in our back yard and it was really nice to sit down and eat and drink something after a long day.

Thank you for mimageaking this day so special!

Me and my husband are God parents to Karin. My sister and her husband are God parents to Filip.

We were invited to participate in church in the moment when they were blessing the confirmands and close the circle from the christening. It was pretty special to be there for Karin!


Tomorrow is a big day in our family – our youngest and his cousin are beingimage confirmed. So, lots of preparations needed to be done today – grocery shopping, baking, tidying, preparing for 30 guests to sit outside..

Me and my sister and our mother worked together to prepare the “smörgåstårta” for lunch while the guys built the tent and put up all the furnitures outside.

I think imagewe have done all we can – now we are just praying that the weather-Gods are with us too and give us a great day with clear blue sky and no wind.

It has been a real summer day today and we are all a bit taken by the warm weather which we are not used to at all. It’s been almost 80F today and very sunny. Lovely!


Fredagsmys.. And summer is here! Dinner outside. Perfect way to end a very busy week.

imageMany years ago my sister and her family gave me this rose and every year it gets amazing flowers in bright orange and yellow. It is called a “tivoli” rose and has a lovely scent.

I was given a summer present – to go and chose a pocket book / paperback from a store in town. This year my choice fell on the latest book of Khaled Hosseini – And The Mountain Echoed. I really liked his previous books – The Kite Runner – and – A Thousand Splendid Sunimages. I am looking forward to reading this latest one.

Some fun world cup games to enjoy tonight with the quarter finals just starting. My money goes to Germany (vs. France) and Brazil (vs. Colombia).




When I have a minute left I love to play games on my cell phone or Ipad. A way for me to clear my mind .

Wordfeud has been a favorite for a while and I have some really good battles with a few dear friends.

When I need a distraction that doesn’t demand any sort of brain activity or quick decisions, I love to play Bakery Story or Candy Crush – even though the latter one occasionally makes my heart raise a bit.. lol

It is raining again today – but it started out pretty good. Short day at work due to a doctors appointment – nothing serious – just a checkup for one of the kids. Now a coffee in my corner while the laundry machine is working and before it is time to fry the pork chops  for dinner.



Decided to contribute to a good cause today so I bought one of these bracelets that an organization called “Ung Cancer” sell to raise money. They work to create meeting points, inform and educate us all to improve the living conditions for young people who have been diagnozed with cancer.

Today it was thundering a lot for a while and after a heavy rainfall which even included hail the sun came back out again.  Lovely summer we have this year. . Let’s hope the good weather is saving itself for my vacation!

White chocolate


Started the day with a walk. A bit chilly but nice. We celebrated a birthday girl at work today – the cake covered with white chocolate flakes on a sponge cake,  filled with raspberries and whipped cream was delicious.

Now the sun went somewhere else and it is raining so hard I don’t even want to go outdoors.  Feel sorry for the confirmation group who has a field trip today and will spend the evening at an outdoor concert. I hope they don’t get too wet and cold so they get sick..

Canned food

Today I did really good – walk wise. First I walked to thimagee subway this morning – the bus left me behind so it was an easy choice. Then I have been running around the office all day – busy busy busy.

After some well earned me-time (which I choose to spend getting a treatment from my naprapath) I decided to be a good girl and walk back too. 14000 steps and still hours left of the day. Yeah!

Since I didn’t have time for lunch I was really hungry when I got back home – so a quick lunch/dinner combo was necessary.. but, food from a can is actually pretty good when you are really really hungry. And yes – I did heat it up before I ate it. Not that desperate. Now I will cook some more qualitative food for my boys.




Throwing away food is something I try to avoid and just heating up leftovers is not always the best thing to do. So why not turn your leftovers into a new yummy dish instead?

This pie, for instance, is filled with leftover ham, roast beef, blue cheese, broccoli, bell peppers and sour cream. Oh and an egg to keep it together. Simple yet delicious.

imageMy white peonies are in full bloom now. I am so glad they are a little
bit behind in blooming compared to my pink peonies – this way I can enjoy flowers a bit longer. These white ones have the most amazing fragrance too.

So who are you all cheering on tonight? My heart goes to Holland!


Stop motion animations

Nick Park. A British director behind the production company Aaardman Animations. He is a personal favorite of mine with brilliant movies andimage series like “Wallace and Gromit”, Chicken Run and “Shaun the Sheep”.

If you haven’t seen any of his movies I can truly recommend them. Six of his movies have been nominated for Academy Awards and four of them have actually won. They have also won several BAFTA awards and also been nominated an Emmy Award.

My personal favorites are “Chicken Run” and the short movies with Wallace and Gromit such as “The wrong trousers”, “A grand day out” and “A close shave”.

So – if you have nothing to do on a rainy day – please explore the adventures in these movies! You won’t be disappointed!



Today the scale was not being nice to me so I walked to the subway this morning. Second day in a row. I completely blame my friend last night for serving such excellent food. And home made bread fresh from the oven. Who can resist?

I had to walk some errands at work too so I got a couple of extra kilometers on my tracker. It’s going to be interesting to see how many steps I have taken today (a little over 15500 when the day came to an end .. ) .

The scale might be laughing at me tomorrow too.. bought us a treat for tonight.. since it is Friday.. and we deserve it..