Catching fire


After doing a lot of chores we met up with my sister w/ family and went to see the second episode of the Hunger Games. Mixed reviews afterwards from the group but I enjoyed it. Next time we might see the Hobbit. Now corner time and relaxing a bit.

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Guess who sang for her grandparents over 40 years ago? I love this old picture – brings back so many good memories.  Today is the day we celebrate Lucia in Sweden – or Saint Lucy as she’s called in English. There is a lot of information to be found about this tradition on Wikipedia for instance.

We eat saffron buns and gingerbread cookies, enjoying the carols for Advent and Lucia and have family time together. All the daycare centers and schools have Lucia parades and parents are welcome too. It’s a good day!

A day at the end of the week

IMG_20121202_183314Thursday.. I did some serious brain gymnastics this morning and I managed to figure it out. Felt pretty good. I love a good challenge!

Then I met up with a friend after work for some catching up (which we definitely need to more often) and when I came home dinner was on the table. I even managed to get some Christmas-shopping done today.. It turned out to be a really good day!

Lucia parade


What a great day I’ve had – first work, then a very nice lunch at Sturekatten – the oldest coffeehouse in Stockholm – and after some chores and time with my boys – a Lucia parade with my niece’s class in a church near by. They were really good and it was a true feel-good experience.  God how I miss singing with a choir. Maybe I should do something about that.

Alfred Nobel


One of the most famous Swedish people is probably Alfred Nobel and the award in his memory – the Nobel Prize – which is handed out December 10 every year in Stockholm in four categories – physics,  chemistry, medicine and literature. And every year in Oslo – the peace prize.

It all started back in 1901. In 1969 the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Science was added to the list of awards.

As a Swede I am of course proud of this tradition – and I am looking forward to see it on tv later on this evening.

Two more

2 more weeks – 9 days left to work this year.

Can’t believe how quickly this year has passed and how much we have accomplished and experienced. I hope next year will bring us just as much joy and things to look forward to. Maybe we will get to travel some – or maybe we will be honored a visit from friends from abroad.. that would be amazing! 

2nd of Advent


A good day has almost come to an end. We have lit the second candle and now the whole family has cuddled up together in front of the tv to watch a movie.

Earlier today I went to see my niece in her dance show – she imagewas great!
Oh – and my amaryllis has started to bloom and we now have snow on the ground. Christmas is getting closer.

Christmas fair

imageEvery year my whole life we have had a fair in our church where we raise money to donate to charity. My mother is part of a craft club since 45 years and these amazing ladies organize this by themselves every year. A couple of years ago they passed 1.000.000 SEK in money they have raised so far over the years.

imageThe fair starts at 11.00 and after a short mass we start by having lunch together – rise porridge with cinnamon and caster sugar and some milk.
Then there are lotteries and tombola’s and all sorts of activities. Unfortunately they didn’t manage to book a Lucia parade and this means that not as many people will attend the fair. But, hopefully they managed to raise some money anyway.

imageMy friend Baltyky came to visit our church. It was really nice to see him and I think he really enjoyed to see and participate in our day.

imageIn the end of the day my mother and our kids picked all the winners from the lotteries. It’s been a long day but a real feel-good-one.



Still calm..


Woke up this morning and expected a winter wonderland outside the window but no.. just pooring rain. They said on the news that it will start snowing this afternoon.  Hmm.. I believe it when I see it.

Happy Friday everyone and may the best idol win tonight!

Calm before the storm

Today might be the last snow free

day in a while. They have promised snow and tons of it. Some prognosises say 10-20″ which will definitely cause a lot of problems if it’s true.
So, let the winter begin and may we have a white Christmas!