Mello – 5 and the run-off

Fifth out – Karlstad!

Tonight we are going to be at our house again – being a bit lazy this time getting a take-out. Maybe pizza – we’ll see.

I think we will be 8 tonight since a few were not able to make it. But, fun that some of us could meet up and enjoy the evening together.

Tonight the competition will be in two parts – first part 5 where two goes straight to the finale and then the run-off part where two more will go to the finale after getting a second chance. Shall be interesting.

Part 5:
1. Marcus & Martinus – Unforgettable – finale
2. Chelsea Muco – Controlla
3. Jay Smith – Back to my roots – run-off vote
4. Elecktra – Banne maj
5. Annika Wickihalder – Light – run-off vote
6. Medina – Que sera – finale

The run-offs fighting for a place to the finale:
1. Elisa Lindström – Forever Yours
2. Adam Woods – Supernatural
3. Dear Sara – The silence after you
4. Fröken Snusk – Unga & Fria
5. Klaudy – För dig
6. Gunilla Persson – I won’t shake (La La Gunilla)
7. Albin Tingwall – Done getting over you
8. Scarlet – Cirkus X
9. Annika Wickihalder – Light – finale
10. Jay Smith – Back to my roots – finale

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