Our very first homegrown strawberries! One for each of our boys. They said they were delicious!

We were hoping we’d feel better today but no such luck. No fever, I don’t think, but my body aches – both muscles and bones – it is hard to find a position when it doesn’t hurt.

Also, today I can’t feel the correct taste or any smell and everything tastes funny. Noticed this last night when the mushrooms I had prepared were way too salty even though I hadn’t added any salt. In fact, they were so salty to me I had to throw them away. Disgusting. Weird. Not even coffee smells good right now. 

My stomach has also been pretty upset the last couple of days. Pretty soon we can tick off almost every symptom on the covid list. I just hope and pray this will be over soon. I will work from home the next couple of days and hopefully things have turned around by then. 

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