Castle of the month – Bogesund

What a lovely Saturday. Started with a sleep in and after breakfast my hubby  gave me a lift over to Body Care Center so I could have a massage. Mm. Nice. He was a star and picked me up afterwards and then we drove up to Bogesund to visit the castle we have chosen this month.

It was freezingly cold today and snow here and there but we strolled around the castle and took a look at the property. It was built by Per Brahe back in 1640. A residence behind the castle was built back in 1895, the Park Villa, for the head gardener and today the villa hosts a lovely café. I had a bowl of sweet corn soup served with freshly baked focaccia bread which was really lovely. Hubby had lunch with the boys while I had my massage so he chose a hot chocolate with a vanilla bun. A very nice little café well worth the trip. 

Picked up groceries on our way back home since we didn’t have time for that this morning. Now I’m preparing a nice Saturday dinner for the family. 

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