New place

Today I had lunch with an old friend and we decided to try a new place that has opened on Kungsgatan called “Convendum”. It is a co-working space but with a restaurant opened for everyone. We were both happy with our choices of food and decided to come back again.

Worked a long day today and made a pasta bolognese when I got home. Didn’t feel like having any of the leftovers tonight – they’ll keep until tomorrow.

Cod casserole

New week and the schools have a sport break so hardly anyone at work or commuting. 

Love it when I get home early so I can make a nice dinner for my family. Today I made a cod casserole with boiled potatoes and green peas for me and hubby. Minute steak for the boys. Mm. 

Today my hubby aunt turns 90 years old. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day with your near and dear ones. 


A nice day off but I would love for the weekends to be a day or two longer. Lol. Need more time off.

I made a liver casserole for lunch – yum. Haven’t had that in ages. And there are leftovers for when I get home from work tomorrow. Perfect.

After lunch I took my youngest to the local mall to see if we could find something for the gift certificate he got for his birthday. He found two shirts for work – good job! Also he won a new lottery ticket for the one he got. And on that one he won 4 new ones. Yeah!

This afternoon I started on my Xmas-present. Finally! Managed to put together some of the 1000 brown pieces. Lol. I think I have several weeks to look forward to putting them all together.

Mello – 4

Today we raised the flag and celebrated my youngest 23rd birthday. Time flies. We spent the morning preparing for our afternoon guests and celebrated with a princess cake and other goodies together with his grandparents and aunt w/ family.

After the birthday celebrations my sis w/ family stayed for pizza-dinner. We played some jackbox-games and also enjoyed the spa for a bit before it was time to watch the last part of the qualification rounds to the Melodifestivalen.

Carola celebrates 40 years as an artist and since she won back in 1983. She was invited to perform in this evenings program and she delivered as always. 

An incident in tonight show during Loreens performance – a person got up on stage so they had to stop the program for a couple of minutes to sort it. Luckily no one was hurt and she could start over.

Part 4:
1. Axel Schylström – Gorgeous
2. Emil Henrohn – Mera mera mera
3. Kiana – Where did you go – semi finals
4. Loreen – Tattoo – finale
5. Mariette – One day – semi finals
6. Signe & Hjördis – Edelweiss
7. Smash into pieces – Six feet under – finale


Friday and pay-day. Yeah! And we also received the compensation from the government for the high electric bills. Perfect! Thank you! 

The boys wanted a taco-dinner tonight so that’s what we had. I also picked up some mini donuts for our evening coffee. Yum! 

Now we’re having a relaxed evening watching tv. A new season of “Bäst i test” starts tonight. Fun! 


Long day at work and quite a good day. And in the afternoon my parents stopped by for a coffee and to see our new office.

We finished all of our left-overs for dinner – perfect start of the weekend to  have eaten them all. Then we can treat ourselves something nice with a clean conscience. The boys voted for tacos tomorrow. Haven’t had that in a while.

Now more left-overs with our tea tonight – the last piece of the sticky chocolate cake. Not bad.


My parents came over for a fika tonight to celebrate my youngest since they aren’t able to join us for his birthday this weekend. So I made a sticky chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream as a birthday treat. Mmm. 

Another cause for celebrations – today it is my and my mothers names day. Congratulations to us! My mom gave me a lovely bouquet of tulips – love them! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you! 


National theme-day – when we in Sweden enjoy a “semla” with our “fika”! We were treated mini-ones at work today – yum! Loved it! 

Long day and my hubby worked from home today so my turn to be treated dinner when I got home! Nice! 

Now some tea and corner-time and maybe we’ll continue watching “1923” – the continuation of “1883” we finished yesterday. We watch them on Sky Showtime. 

Snowing again

The lovely spring-weekend turned into winter again. It’s been snowing all morning and when I left work to go home this afternoon the snow had changed to rain. Our backyard is still white with snow though and the forecast is promising more snow the next couple of days. I guess spring will have to wait a bit longer. 

Trying to decide what to cook for dinner tonight. Have a few options. My hubby and youngest son are both at work today so I will try to have something on the table by the time they arrive back home. Always nice to come home to a readymade dinner. 

Castle of the month – Sundbyholm

Back home again – we survived the murder at the dinner last night but we didn’t manage to figure out who the killer was. Bummer. It was a fun experience and people were very enthusiastic and happily participated in the roles they were given. And the food was amazing!

Now we’re back home again after the 1,5 hr drive from Sundbyholms Castle outside Eskilstuna. A lovely sunny Sunday and great day for a drive. Thank you for the very nice present – fun murder mystery dinner with overnight stay!

Now I’ve changed the winter curtains in the living room for my spring ones. I know, there will be more snow next week – but today it feels like spring is arriving and I felt it was time for the change. So nice to have it done!