The truth..


image.. about love.. what a great album and today I found myself the perfect gift – sheet music! What can I say – I’m happy.

And an important soccer game on tonight.. life is good.



My back doesn’t always cooperate and today it was giving me extra grief. But after a few minutes on my prickly green and white friend here I started to come back to life. Ever tried? They work miracles.

Rain rain rain..


It is pooring down outside. Completely dark still. It takes a lot of effort to drag oneself out from the comfy corner, out to that cold wet darkness.. I long for advent – for some snow and sunshine to brighten up if not my life at least the world around me.  Soon.



Amazing.. my kids are so grown up. I just came home from Klockargården by the church in Huddinge  where they held a first information  meeting regarding my youngest son’s confirmation next summer.

The priest who performed my confirmation also married me and my husband. I wonder who will perform my sons confirmation.  And if he ever will meet him or her again later in life.


My mom and dad started a tradition back in 1971 by organizing a race called Spiken (which is a 7 inch nail and also first price).image

Athletes from Hammarby (and other clubs) run 2,7 k (women, kids under 16 and men over 35) or 5,4 k (men between 17-34). The competition takes place in the forrest close to where we live.
The winner is the one closest to the median time (the time you get when you add all the times and divide it with the number of competitors). This way the quickest or the slowest runner ends up last.

Afterwards there is a price ceremony in our school and everyone gets a price and my mothers home made cinnamon roles.

This year we were honored with a famous participant – Michel Tornéus ran. He is our long jumper who came on 4th place in the London Olympic games.
Pretty impressive!


In my corner..

.. with my laptop, latte and TV in the background.

It’s Friday eve, my family is at a concert, and I have the house to myself. Something that rarely ever happens so I really cherish the moment – especially since I know (or at least hope) my kids enjoy their first concert at a big arena (Avenged Sevenfold at Hovet).