Back to work


The 17 sleep-ins are gone. Now it’s time to get back to the real world again. Back to work, school,  homework and daily challenges.

The day started with cancelled commuter trains and missed busses.. but turned out pretty good after all. Got a lot done and accomplished. I felt appreciated and even though I’m tired I feel good. I’m on track again and ready to face the world – as I see it.

Last day

IMG_20130607_145059The vacation has come to an end. Two weeks off from work. Tomorrow it is back to life again – back to commuting, back to school and homework. But, it was really great to be able to get a good long break together even though the Christmas week could have been better with half of the family sick. I’m glad we were able to join all of our friends in Dalarna to celebrate New Years and also that we took the time and money to go to Norway for a weekend of skiing. Trysil was great – everything except the weather.. It was so much fun to meet up with our other friends so the kids could ski together. Kids – I mean – teenagers.. lol

New year – new challenges – I look forward to 2014 with everything it has to offer!



A looong drive back home just in time to watch the game. We won silver .. congratulations to Finland who won on overtime.

It feels good to be back home after an adventurous week away. Now it’s time to pack away Christmas and welcome the new year.

What a day!


Half of my family spent the day in the slopes and the others needed to rest and relax. We joined up for a nice lunch.
After the slopes closed we had a great dinner with our friends and then the parents challenged the kidz to a game of bowling.  The kidz want a rematch when we come back home – lol.

Oh – and we beat Russia today and are therefore playing the final tomorrow!  Oh how I would love to see that game.



I feel so proud of myself – I have been skiing all day (well.. a few hours..). It went really well except for the fog which made it very tricky to see where to ski. But, we went out right after breakfast,  had lunch in the skislopes and then went down the hill again afterwards.  Tonight we are invited to our friends cottage for dinner! 



What a day! First packing and cleaning all morning to leave the house in Gopshus. Then a few hours drive over to Norway for a short weekend with downhill skiing at this great resort.  We met up with friends from home and the boys have been skiing all afternoon and had a great time. It is a lot of snow here but unfortunately very foggy.  Tonight it has been snowing heavily all evening. We went down to the village where our friends stay and had a lovely dinner together. Tomorrow I face a great challenge.. will I survive a day on skis? We’ll see..
Oh – and we are in a 6-0 lead towards Slovakia – semi final awaits.



Gott Nytt År – what a great new years eve we had. Great food, great games, great friends. Everyone getting along and everyone feeling good. The fireworks here in Dalarna were not nearly as spectacular as they are in town but we saw some and the sky was amazing with all the stars that we can’t see living in a big city. 
The weather is still not great but today I have to go out for a bit regardless. Need to get some fresh air and look at the surroundings. Tomorrow awaits a new destination and challenge.  



Happy new year everyone!  Gott nytt år!

It’s raining but we have some snow and we have a great time! Tonight all 27 will be gathered around the dinner table. But first we have a birthday party with coffee and cake to look forward to.

Oh and we played against Russia today. 3-2! Let’s hope we can keep it up now when the serious part of the wc begins. Life is pretty good!



Our turn to arrive to Gopshus – tonight 21 of our closest friends gathered together around the dinner table. Tomorrow all 27 will have arrived.

Now a nice evening among friends awaits – filled with games and laughter.

As you can see the equipment is very modern.. feels like we have been transferred back to another decade!

Tre Kronor – Three Crowns


Third game for Tre Kronor junior team from Sweden – today against Norway. They might be the better nation in cross country skiing but not in hockey. Oh, the game just came to an end – we won with 10-0!!

The boys went to see a movie for their Christmas gift certificates. It was a complete caos over there – no parking anywhere. A good movieday obviously. It was mad at the grocery store too – had to park one block away..

It’s been a quite sunny day with no rain for a change and this morning it was freezing outside.