Snow is melting

Sunday already and I woke up really early and gave up after 90 min of not being able to go back to sleep. Better to get up and enjoy a quiet breakfast. 

The Karlsbad buns I baked yesterday turned out great. Hopefully there will be some left next weekend – lol. 

Me and my husband went out for a 4k walk in-between the biathlon events. Not great weather but still nice to be out for a bit. And quite warm today – almost 9C – so the snow is melting away quickly now. 

Made a corn chicken in my clay pot today. Turns out so yummy with the onions, potatoes and carrots soaking up the juices from the chicken. Mmm. Managed to squeeze in a 2kilo chicken in the pot – tested its limits. 2 hrs in the oven later and dinner was done. 

Mello 3

A rainy grey Saturday. We’ve done our grocery shopping and tour to the waste disposal site (like we always do). Going to bake some this afternoon – need to have something nice for next weekend when we will have a small celebration for our youngest. Still have no idea what to give him – and he has no ideas what he wants. Hm.

Time for the third part of the Melodifestivalen. Tonight Jason Diakité is host together with Christer Björkman.

Part 3: 
1. Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young – finale
2. Emil Assergård – Om allting skiter sig
3. Klara Hammarström – Beat of broken hearts – 2nd chance
4. Mustasch – Contagious
5. Elisa – Den du är
6. Alvaro Estrella – Baila Balia – 2nd chance
7. Tusse – Voices – finale

Pyssel – AW

Dags för lite mys på hög nivå – en afterwork on line med bästaste tjejerna. Så trevligt att ses och prata en stund och skratta lite med hela gänget. Tack för att ni finns! Längtar redan till nästa träff. 

Beautiful lake

Thursday and a long day for me. I had some problem sleeping last night so I’ve been quite tired today. Need new energy. 

Took this photo during my walk around the lake earlier this week. It was so peaceful and the weather was lovely. Today it’s been grey and cloudy and not as inviting. 

I haven’t figured out what to make for dinner yet – we’ll see what I come up with. Not a whole lot of choices in the fridge though. Hmm. 

Nose above surface

Midweek. It isn’t as cold outside as it was the other week. Some snow has even melted away and Mr Penguin is able to breathe again with his little nose just above snow-level. Mr Snowman is no-where to be found – lol. Still a lot of snow where he is placed.

They said on the news that it will be grey and cloudy the next couple of days and no sunshine. When I took my long walk Monday it was almost spring in the air. That feeling is no longer present. Maybe it will come back this weekend – fingers crossed.


National theme-day – Fettisdagen – when we enjoy these goodies called “Semla”. A wheat bun flavored with cardamon, filled with almond icing and topped with whipped cream and some icing sugar. Yum.

This one I enjoyed a few days ago – tonight we are making our own so everyone can fill them and decorate them however they like.

Long day today. The painters where here today and started fixing our bathroom. They will return tomorrow to finish.

Color of the week

A lovely sunny start of the week and new lovely tulips to enjoy. A pale pink kind with some strokes of yellow.

Short day at work so I decided to take a long walk by myself around the lake. My oldest was busy with class – otherwise he could have joined me.

It was really nice outside and around -2C. A lot of people was walking, skating and skiing on the frozen lake – but I don’t dare to walk on the ice. Especially not by myself. Now I’m going to have a coffee before it’s time to start dinner.

Valentine’s Day

All hearts day – as Valentine’s Day is called here in Sweden. And sugar coated jelly-hearts are the perfect gift for the whole family to enjoy. And I bought some new tulips yesterday to enjoy too!

Me and my husband took a 40 min walk before lunch. Not as great weather as it was yesterday but still nice and not so cold. In fact, just above 32F / 0C.

I have enjoyed the biathlon this afternoon and the second “semla”. Bought a two-pack yesterday and it said on the sign “It’s ok to eat two”. Lol. My family don’t care for them anyway. They either don’t like the whipped cream or the almond icing. So, we bought a package of selma-buns to fill yourself (or not) for them instead.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Mello 2

A beautiful winters day – clear blue sky and -3C. My husband went skiing on the frozen lake this afternoon. We went shopping this morning and I have done laundry. Now I’m going to watch the biathlon on TV before it is time to start dinner.

Time for the second part of the Melodifestivalen. Tonight Oscar Zia and Anis Don Demina are hosts together with Christer Björkman.

Part 2:
1. Anton Ewald – New Religion – finale
2. Julia Alfrida – Rich
3. WAHL feat. SAMI – 90-talet
4. Frida Green – The Silence – 2nd chance 
5. Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong – 2nd chance
6. Patrik Jean – Tears run dry
7. Dotter – Little tot – finale


Friday and we managed to go on our walk! Love spending quality time with my oldest and just stroll in the forrest and chat for a while. We always have such interesting discussions even though it is a bit harder to walk beside each other at this time of the year with all the snow. Long parts we have to walk in a row. 90 min later we were back home again.

I took a shower and then started dinner and now we have enjoyed entrecote of veal with oven baked potatoes and veggies. Now a glas of white to start the weekend and then I’m going to watch “På Spåret”. Have a great weekend everyone!