Happy New Year!

Another year has come to an end. A challenging year in many ways. We have been forced to find new ways to see our loved ones. New ways to get thru work and ways to solve problems. We have spent a lot of time infront of our computers – to see family and friends via Teams (both for celebrations, dinners, games or just a drink), online work meetings, online AfterWorks. And when we have dared to see the closest family it has usually been outdoors with a social distance. No closeness , hugs / kisses or cuddle up in a sofa together. No restaurant visits, going to the movies, gym, shopping. No travels. No visitors. 

I am grateful that I have my family, that we have survived this year with all it’s ups and downs. I feel that we all struggle in different ways but in the end we have each other. Together we are strong and we will get thru this pandemic and go back to some sort of normal again. 

We ended the year with a dinner together with my parents. We opened the champagne I received from work, enjoyed a lobster starter, tenderloin steak w potatoes gratin and then two kinds of fromage (raspberry and chocolate) for afters. We watched a movie on TV and then we met with our friends online for a couple of Kahoot-games. And we treated ourselves a magical firework outside as we greeted 2021 to start!

May 2021 be a good year. Be safe out there everyone! 

Dec 30

A long day in my corner. Watched several episodes of my series “Velvet”. My Spanish is improving – lol. I really like the environment in this series – the people, the clothes, the interaction and the drama.

My husband has spent the afternoon preparing for his declaration of shares. Figured out what to keep and what to sell to lower the taxes on profit. I haven’t sold anything this year so I don’t have to worry about that. I wish I had more interest in the stock market but I don’t. Especially now when the banks don’t give hardly any – if any – interest on money saved.

To my worried followers – I’m sorry I didn’t get around to post this on time. I’m ok. Just a bit tired and distracted.

Rain rain

A grey windy rainy day. But we defied the weather and went for a short walk anyway to get out of the house for a half an hour.

Now a cup of tea infront of the tv. Junior World Cup hockey takes place in Edmonton, Canada this year which means the games are played in the middle of the night our time. Bummer. So far two games for Sweden and two wins.


We slept in a bit today. First day of our vacation. After breakfast we went to get some groceries and the store was not crowded at all, great.

It’s been really windy and rainy all day so no walk for us. Instead we have finished watching “Trapped” and then I made a lasagna for dinner.

No spa tonight – it is still raining outside. Maybe tomorrow.

Grey Sunday

A grey windy day. Perfect to read a couple of chapters in my Xmas gift from work. I need to get into a reading mood again – haven’t been in that mood for a long time. But, I’ve started to read a chapter a day and hopefully it will do the trick.

I have also finished knitting the cap but I knit quite tight so it turned out way too small for us. Bummer. Anyone with a small head that is interested? Need to buy more yarn and try again.

We picked up some thai food tonight. Tomorrow we will get some new groceries. Xmas week is completed and New Years week will start. We have taken time off from work so no need to get up early tomorrow. Yeah.

Boxing day

A long relaxing day. We haven’t really done anything useful at all – just watched a lot of tv. Chatted with friends. Eaten Xmas leftovers for lunch and a nice steak for dinner. 

My oldest is making progress with the jigsaw puzzle. It is a challenge but he seems to master it. 

Now I’ve tucked myself in my corner getting ready for Junior World Cup in ice hockey. Sweden vs. Czechia. May the best team win. 

Xmas day

Xmas day and it’s been snowing off and on. Winter arrived and we got a white Xmas after all. My mother made this pretty flower arrangement, I love it! Thank you! 

We changed our traditions a bit and met up at my parents house with my sister w/ fam for an outdoor coffee, ham sandwich and a glas of “glögg”. Lovely to see each other for a bit. Our traditional beef roulade dinner will have to be postponed for a bit. 

Then we went over to my parents-in-law to enjoy dinner together and exchange presents. So nice to just chat, eat a nice meal and have a cup of tea. They gave me a cozy knitted sweater with pants – perfect when I cuddle up in my corner. Love it! Thank you! 

Xmas eve

This morning it was below zero outside and frost was decorating the garden. Xmas felt closer. 

We had our traditional Xmas lunch together as a family – so far no difference. My parents-in-law stopped by and delivered the homemade pies we always have while watching “Kalle”. So nice of them! Then we watched “Kalle” by ourselves and afterwards my parents came over for Xmas dinner. I had set the table as big as we always do when we are twice as many to keep a better distance and not sit so close. It worked fine and we had a nice dinner!

After dinner we used discord to spend some time with my sister w/ family. This way we were able to open our presents together, but from different houses. In pandemic times new ways of being together appears. Maybe we should try this video link opportunity with my friends and family abroad? 

Dan före dopparedan

Started extra early today – we had a big signing that needed to be prepared and sent out as early as possible. Everything went ok.

My sister came over and we exchanged our bags of presents to be opened tomorrow. And then my nieces stopped by with some more gifts. I will miss then terribly tomorrow. I hope by Xmas next year everything will have gone back to normal again.

Now I have cleared the living room table from my work stuff. Hopefully I will not have to bring it back out until January 11th when I start to work again. Fingers crossed!


The last two days before Xmas are the most stressy ones all year. Easily. When everyone want to get as much as possible done before the holidays. I have worked a full day with no breaks today. Took 15 min to eat something, but other than that I have worked non stop. And tomorrow it will be the same amount of things to do. But, hopefully after that I will be able to take some time off.

We went and picked up some pizza for dinner. Just what we needed. Now we will watch a couple of episodes of our Icelandic series we like – “Trapped” / “Fångade”. A second season just came out and we are on episode 3. It’s fun to watch things from difference environments and parts of the world.