Gingerbread sponge

Abrupt start of the week with overtime before I even had started my day. What is that called? Before-time? Or still overtime? A very busy day with some extra time after my regular hours too. 

I had planned on taking a long walk after work but with the extra couple of hours I didn’t feel like it and ended up in my corner finishing watching “Virgin River” season 2. 

Going to make oven baked cod for dinner. With white wine sauce and rise. The boys will get pan fried ham instead of the fish. 

Advent 🕯

This morning it was snowing again. Just a thin white cover over the lawn. Time to light the first candle of advent and to put up some of the early Xmas-decorations. It is easier to get into the holiday mood when it is snowing. 

We’ve taken it slow all day – cleaning some, doing some laundry, baked a gingerbread sponge-cake. I finished watching “The Crown”. Don’t like all the criticism about it not being truthful though. It would have been better if they didn’t feel the need to spice the story. Now I’ve continued with the second season of “Virgin River” which is quite nice. 


This morning it was freezing outside and after a little while it started to snow. Stopped almost as soon as it started though.

Went to get groceries and then I’m been lazy watching series all afternoon. Finished watching “Selfmade” which was pretty good. A miniseries with only four episodes about Madam CJ Walker. A true story. Love those.

Going to make sirloins for dinner. Saturday treat. Served with potatoes and veggies.


Perfect ending of another week. Time goes by so quickly. After work I went over to our local store to get some pork filet for dinner. Served with a potato gratin and veggies. Nice. And a glas of red.

After dinner we met up with my sis w/ family to play some online games. Our way of seeing each other during the restrictions. God, how I miss cuddling up in their sofa. Playing games, eating good food and just being close. Maybe next year?

We enjoyed our spa for a bit – it is so nice right now when it is freezing outside and a clear sky with lots of stars. Perfect. Life is not so bad after all.


Happy birthday, dear hubby! A different kind of celebration due to the restrictions. We had both a lot do to during our work-hours but after work my sister w/ family came over and stood outside and sang happy birthday and handed over a present. Lovely! 

We went to pick up some take-away food for dinner and we had a lovely meal together just the four of us. After dinner he opened his presents – the teabag advent calendar was very much appreciated! Fun to try some new flavors! 

A grey and rainy day. I gave my oldest a ride to and also picked him up from his appointment he had this morning. Next time in 8 weeks. So far so good. I’ve also started to decorate some around the house. Advent is coming up this weekend. 


Today my husband said it is PD P which was an expression I had never heard before. The explanation was PayDay Pizza.. said and done – one Prinsessa for me (ham/shrimps/pineapple), Hawaii for my husband (ham/pineapple), Calzone for one son and kebab w/ fries for the non-eating-pizza son. Middle-week treat. 

Tonight we have enjoyed our spa for the second time this week. It’s just perfect right now when it is getting cold outside and if the weather is cooperating. No fun when it’s windy, raining or snowing though. A cup of tea and the last episode of the first season of “Undercover” – the Flemish series we are watching. 


Äntligen en chans att “ses” och prata lite! S tog initiativ och bjöd in till en Teams-träff och överraskade oss med en påse med kakor o pyssel som hängde på ytterdörren. Så trevligt! 

Vi har fikat, stöttat varandra, skrattat o pratat. Pysslat bokmärken och avnjutit en hallongrotta o peppisar. 

Vi bestämde att försöka “ses” en gång till innan jul – ser jag fram emot!

Tack mina bästaste – vad glad och tacksam jag är att vi har varandra! 

Last week

Last week of November. Where did this fall go? Next weekend it is already Advent and the countdown towards Xmas starts. After work today I went outside and took away all our solar lights for the winter. And put out the more Xmas-like ornaments which uses batteries instead of sunshine to light up.

We have a lot of leftovers in our fridge we need to finish so we gave it a go for lunch and I will continue for dinner. Going to make a wok with the meat I think. A modern version of the “pyttipanna” with noodles instead of potatoes. Went to the pharmacy to pick up some stuff and now I’m waiting for the laundry to finish. It is already dark outside and it’s only 3PM. Perfect sofa-time for another episode of “Virgin River” which I’m watching right now.


With a social distance we met outside to celebrate our mother today. She had prepared hotdogs and we brought cake and bubbly. It was lovely to see each other for an hour or so – chat, enjoy a lunch and see each other in person. No hugs or kissing. No sitting close. But see each other for a bit. And the weather-Gods where on our side too. Made my heart smile for a bit. 

Flag up for my mother today – happy birthday! Big virtual hug from all of us. I hope you had a nice birthday – considering – and I’m glad we could all come together for a bit. Love you! 

Rain rain rain

One year ago the three of us went on our little get-away weekend to London. That was such a great trip filled with great chats, laughter, shopping, touristing and time away from musts and have-to’s. Just perfect! We were hoping to go on another trip like this one but we will have to wait until it is safe to travel again. I wonder when that will be.

Today it is cold and rainy outside. Not inviting at all. We went to look at some wardrobes we are considering for our bedroom. We wanted to see them in person before we order anything on line. The choices of sizes are not exactly what we want so we have some thinking to do.