A lovely morning in our paradise. One of our neighbors has a sauna on wheels he rents out and this morning he transported it down to the beach with his tractor. After lunch some people used the sauna and cooled down in the ocean. Brrrr. 

After lunch we received our new fridge/freezer which was delivered to our property. They also picked up the old broken one as  a service. Nice. So now we have a brand new fridge/freezer to enjoy. I hope it will work for many years to come. 

I went over to see my uncle and we had a nice chat. Even though we live so close down here we don’t see that much of each other. He is seldom outside and hardly ever comes over to see us. 

My mother and I went grocery shopping this afternoon as it started to rain and it is still raining. Now we have enjoyed salmon for dinner served with rise. Pork filet for the boys.