Stepping up

Time for a meeting with my physio therapist again. I passed all my exercises with flying colors so he changed some of them,  increased some weights and gave me trickier balance exercises to do. 

The trees are absolutely gorgeous right now – sparkling in all fall colors. Today the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. This morning it was really foggy though which it has been for the last few days. 


This morning I took both my boys to the hospital for some blood tests. Easy to find a parking space and no people waiting in line. Yeah! 

Back in no-time to work and had a lot to do today which I like. Could enjoy a lovely cup of rooibos tea in my favorit mug – not too bad. 

Tonight we had pork with rise for dinner. I treated myself a mushroom sauce while my husband preferred bearnaise. Now time to relax a bit. 


New week again. The weekend went by way too quickly. This morning we had a visitor in our back yard. And he/she stayed for quite a while taking a break from whatever a roe deer takes a break from. 

Started my day with physio and then I worked my hours. In the afternoon I attempted by make some jelly out of the cordial I made yesterday. It didn’t quite set but it was delicious with the burgers and boiled potatoes we had for dinner. Mmm. 


What a lovely Sunday! My husband has been a busy bee working in the garden and I decided to try to make elderberry cordial. I have made it from the flowers many times and I’ve tried to make marmalade a couple of times of the berries. But never cordial. Said and done – I picked berries and boiled them together with a couple of apples. Poured it thru a filter and then boiled the juice and added sugar and citric acid. Voilà! Easy peasy. And it tastes ok. The flavor reminds me of sloe (slånbär) or maybe it is just the color that tricks me into thinking that. 

I’ve had a lovely afternoon with an old friend of mine. She invited me up to her house for afternoon coffee and chat and we had a lot of catching up to do. Haven’t sat down and talked to her since before all this started. Probably not since February. She was here and tried our spa when I was on my sick leave. Ages ago. 

Going to bbq again tonight – a whole steak this time. Potatoes in the oven and the meat on the grill. Fingers crossed it will turn out as delicious as it looks. 


A rainy Saturday. Last night there was a lot of thunder and even some lightning – doesn’t occur very often here in the city. We even unplugged the TV among other things. No thunder or lightning today but rain most of the day. So, after grocery shopping and doing laundry I decided to bake some cinnamon buns. It is after all “kanelbullens dag” next weekend. Good to be prepared. 

Going to bbq some nice steaks tonight. Served with potato gratin and veggies. It is Saturday after all. 

Forrest walk

Friday already. And quite nice weather after work so me and my oldest decided to go for another walk. We took the 3.5k trail this time. It was raining a lot last night and it has been quite warm all week so the forrest was absolutely crowded with these red beauties.

We stopped by the store for some Friday snacks so 80 min later we were back home. My husband is helping his parents with some things after work and will pick up some thai food on his way back. May the weekend begin!


We have almost run out of ideas of what to make for lunch and dinner. But today we thought of making a pasta carbonara which we haven’t had in ages. And it was delicious! I made it with a twist and used “Västerbottensost” to make it a bit stronger in taste.

Worked a full day today and was quite busy off and on.  I’ve already completed my two physio sessions this week. No walk today but maybe we will go for another walk tomorrow since we didn’t walk at all last week.


Busy Wednesday. After work I took my youngest to the district nurse to get rid of all the surgical clips and it went really well. Good.

Then me and my oldest walked over to the local hairdresser UpGrade, which we had been recommended to try. They were able to make an appointment for the two of us at the same time which meant no-one else was at the salon. So it felt safe enough for us to dare to try. Both of us was well over-due for a haircut since neither one of us had cut our hair since last summer. Now my hair is 10 cm shorter and I am very happy with the result. I’m finally rid of all the frizzy hair!

Garden art

I have made a couple of ceramic objects a few years back that live in our garden. This plate with the snake on is pretty efficient to keep the birds away.. lol. It looks real enough for people to look at it twice to decide if it’s alive. 

Long day at work today – not very busy though. I made pancakes for lunch and then we picked up a bbq chicken for dinner when we collected a parcel my husband had received. It is already dark outside and it’s not even 7PM yet. Fall is coming. 

Gulsparven 🍁

What a day. Physio before work. We picked up some Indian food for lunch – nuggets for the boys. Rested for a bit and then me and M went for an extra long walk in the forrest. We chose the yellow trail this time and it took us 1hrs 45min to complete. It’s only 6.5k but quite challenging terrain. 

19000 steps today – feeling a bit extra tired tonight. Hopefully I will sleep like a baby!